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The West New Homes | 17 Feb 2024

Applecross G1 masterpiece for an adventurous soul

Exuding fine detail and drawing from a combination of styles influenced by travelling the world, this custom build by Zorzi in Applecross G1 breathes life into a dream design.
The West New Homes | 3 Feb 2024

Leisure flowing into lifestyle at Dalkeith W59

Making a splash amongst the wide range of homebuilding lifestyle inclusions, swimming pools add a touch of exclusivity and elegance to home design.
Havenist Issue 4 | Spring/Summer 2023/2024

Timeless elegance at Dalkeith W59

Practicality meets comfort in Dalkeith W59 design for the ages.
The West New Homes | 18 Sept 2023

Bold statement that’sall class at Dalkeith W59

Combining modernity with a sense of warmth, Dalkeith W59 utilises a wide range of materials to effortlessly create a sleek, beguiling home.
The West New Homes | 19 Aug 2023

Unearthing the secrets to stone at Dalkeith W167

The inclusion of stone, as a design element carried throughout the home or as an individual feature, can create a striking aesthetic in Dalkeith W167.
The West New Homes | 12 Aug 2023

Call of the sea at City Beach S5

Bearing semblance to the sand, sea and sky, this Zorzi custom build in City Beach brings the tranquility of the coast indoors.