What stands Zorzi apart?

Home designed by partners Rietveld Architechts

Part 1: The Design First Approach

Have you ever wondered why Zorzi stands out from other builders Perth? It’s one of our most commonly asked questions before a client decides to build with us – so we thought we’d share some company insights with you.

Every month, we’ll be deconstructing our building philosophies and processes to help you better understand the true value of building with Zorzi. This month we’re digging deeper into how our ‘design first’ approach achieves such a high level of finish and quality in every home we build.

What is a design first approach?

A home’s design is the single most important element of the build that will influence every decision that follows. We tend to think of good design as ‘aesthetics’ – how something looks or feels. Yet perhaps Steve Jobs summarised it best when he said, “design is how it works”.

Architects understand this as bringing balance to our lives by making the building easy to move around in, enhancing the way we already live and encouraging us to adopt more efficient ways of living. Which is why our attention to detail starts long before we begin crafting your home.

Here’s how our design-first approach influences how we build:

1.It allows us to push boundaries
Taking a construction mindset to a home build will only get you so far. With a design-first approach, we release the shackles to explore what’s possible. In tandem with our building pedigree, we have a clear idea of how to explore daring design within the realms of planning and council rulebooks.

2.It inspires us to over-deliver
Lifestyles are not static – they continuously evolve over time. So when you build a home, it must be designed to move with you through the decades. By considering how your life will change and over-engineering above and beyond Australian Standards, we ensure your home will stand the test of time in regards to style, durability and liveability.

3.It optimises efficiencies
We work closely with the architect, designer, interior designer and construction team on every home we build. This collaborative process has been fine-tuned over the decades to ensure we translate every idea into reality coherently and effectively – a major reason why we complete our homes on brief and within budget.

4.It helps you visualise your future life
Working closely alongside Rietveld Architects (RA), we develop state-of-the-art full 3D renders, 3D fly throughs and VR walk throughs. This opens doors in your mind so you can imagine how your home will look, feel and flow before you embark on your build.

Keep an eye out next month as we reveal how Zorzi over-engineers structures in Part 2 of our education series.