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With nearly 60 years’ experience specialising in demolish and build projects, Zorzi is widely regarded as one of the highest quality luxury home builder in the country.

“Unlike building a home on a flat site in a new estate, there can be myriad complications and holes that a homeowner or investor can fall into and not realize until it’s too late,” Zorzi Design and Construction Development Director David Reynolds said.

Mr Reynolds said it was vital to understand all the ramifications, challenges and obstacles involved with designing and building a new home in an established area, before committing to buying a site.

He added that each local council had varying policies on issues such as heritage status, overlooking, privacy, overshadowing and street amenity.

With Zorzi, customers deal with a personal design and construction team to handle everything from establishing the parameters of how big your home will be, to how much it will cost and how long it will take to design and build.

Mr Reynolds added it was important to start with the end in mind, taking in factors such as cost and sizing before the start of construction.

“While there’s a wealth of knowledge online, nothing compares to hands-on decades of experience. All our key staff have been with us for more than 15 years,” he said.

The company has a wide range of homes, designers and architects who can work to fit any requirements based on each client’s site, budget and lifestyle.

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Zorzi is now putting the finishing touches on one of its grandest deconstruction and build projects in Cottesloe, taking a small 120-year-old cottage and turning it into a majestic estate.

The $12 million reconstructions has resulted in a spectacular tribute to the quality of artisans in Western Australia, with all the bells and whistles required in a home fi t for royalty.

Not only specialising in multimillion-dollar homes, the homebuilder also caters to those with a smaller budget, with Grandwood by Zorzi recently completing a custom fi vebedroom, three-bathroom home over two levels with three living areas for less than $900,000.

Built-in Swanbourne as a referral, the clients were time-poor, focused on work and family and simply wanted the home built on time and on budget.

“They approached us with the intention to build and this was where we were able to help search for a block appropriate to the brief that would also avoid hidden costs that can erode the budget,” Mr Reynolds said.

The home was completed in 10 months, from the day the team started onsite to the day the home was fully furnished and ready to inhabit.

“My best advice to anyone considering demolishing and building is to choose a demolish and build specialist company you feel comfortable with first,” Mr Reynolds said.

“Any company that understands the importance of a good client-builder relationship should insist on this. If they don’t, then beware.”

Mr Reynolds said it was advisable to speak to past clients or a director and to ask to see case studies as proof.

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