A Winters Tale

A Winters Tale by Zorzi

“It doesn’t matter if the form is contemporary or classic, it’s about the juxtaposition of fabrics, fixed materials, decor, and lighting,” Dominik says.

Think leather accents and roughsawn timbers. Think oaks, walnuts and wenges. Even concrete in all its rawness. “Go for heavier rugs and throws that are textural. Yet don’t forget to keep an element of refinement.”

Toning down the gloss is also a good move in winter when the mood should be cuddlier and gentler. “If you already have gloss in your décor try tempering it by adding in matts and flats,” Dominik says.

“And stay away from too much black. When we use black we tend to need even more black or bolder colours to balance it out and the result can be harsh and uninviting.

“When it comes to sofas, consider upholstered sofas instead of all leather pieces. Fabric presents the softer, warmer look we’re after.”

The onset of the cooler months is a great time to follow autumn hues when it comes to colours and we need to pay extra attention to ambient lighting when the days are shorter and greyer.

“In winter, ambient lighting becomes a very important element,” Dominik says.

“I’m a big fan of how the Europeans work with wash and reflected lighting. Being at home snuggled up on the couch should not be about task lighting.

“There needs to be a degree of romanticism. We spend so much more time together in winter and whatever we do with our decor needs to compliment and enhance those relationships.”

The new winter-season fabrics and a fireplace will help set the mood, with ethanol burners a cost-effective way to add a flickering flame to a room.

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