60 years and a new era

Outer view of Zorzi head office

Since 1956, Zorzi has operated based on the ethos that, “excellence is an expectation and not the exception”. It is a culture of uncompromising quality that is infused into every aspect of the business of designing and building bespoke luxury homes for discerning clients who demand the very ultimate service, architecture, and construction.
Being trusted to build a family’s home is a privilege and humbling experience.  At Zorzi, we have always prided ourselves as being a multigenerational builder and as we enter our 60th year of building, never has this been truer. Knowing that for many, building their first home is just the beginning of a journey that sees Zorzi intertwined into the fabric of each family’s history. From grandparents, to parents, to children and now grandchildren, each home is architecturally designed and constructed with the knowledge that, that home, may be the foundation for future generations.
As people, time and styles have evolved, Zorzi continues to be there, changing, evolving and adapting to serve the needs of the modern Australian family. Whether to build, restore and or renovate, each client can be safe in the knowledge that Zorzi has a strong, financial and secure heritage that is unmatched by many.
As a multiple Australian Builder of the Year, Zorzi is a true bespoke builder focused on ensuring each family’s journey is a seamless and enjoyable one. By taking full responsibility for the process from design through to construction and well after the family has moved in, we can adapt to build luxury family homes of all sizes and budgets.
Key to the success of the brand is its capacity to evolve from being a family business through to the 80’s to expanding and bringing on partners where today there is an eclectic mix of partners that have been a part of the evolution and quality of the business for over 20 years.

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