Over the years we have had the benefit of seeing hundreds of combinations of designs created to suit our West Australian lifestyle. This level of experience has enabled us to establish an unmatched level of practical construction solutions and strategies to construct any design. By including Zorzi at this early stage, all of the resources in our office are at your disposal.

We enter into each relationship with integrity and always aim to keep you informed throughout the home designs and construction process. We understand that building a new home can be daunting; however we have also proven that it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our clients. Our design, interior and construction procedures has evolved over the years to guide our clients through the development to ensure a seamless process and a beautiful custom home that will forever impress you and your guests, as well as being a safe investment.


From the initial contact with our staff, through to your family moving into your new home and beyond, our philosophy is simple – we treat our clients as we would expect to be treated and we construct each home as if it is our own.

Zorzi is a specialist personal luxury home builder. We deal with over 200 trades and suppliers spending over 100,000 man hours building the average Zorzi home. In reality, the challenge is never the issues, it’s how it is handled that ensure the ultimate success of any project.



Having developed a design, we may be faced with various planning and local government approval obstacles due to ever-changing town planning schemes and interpretation of those schemes by the various councils, not to mention neighbour’s involvement. We have very experienced town planning advisors to provide expert advice and consultancy to ensure we achieve the very best result possible. This forms part of our service therefore alleviating the need for an extra consultant and unnecessary costs in most cases.


As with any hand-crafted custom projects, there will be anomalies and challenges to deal with; this is unavoidable when dealing with people and Artisans. The key to a project’s success is that when things need to change or don’t go to plan, it is resolved by a unified team using their best endeavours to achieve the ultimate result for the client and home.


Another important factor, one that we believe is as important as quality, is communication. Building a multi-million dollar home is a significant commitment, and many of our Clients believe the end product is a reflection of themselves. That is why we have an open system that keeps every Client up to date throughout the process. This can include (depending on your preferences and time) a schedule of regular site and project meetings and
reports to keep you fully informed.


Clients come to Zorzi because they want the best results – sometimes on the most difficult sites – set on cliff sides, on water front properties, country locations, canal properties, etc. In Perth there is no more experienced team than Zorzi to navigate these challenges.


These may be that our Clients are based in another country and are making live updates and decisions, working through Virtual Reality from wherever they are the clients still gather as deep an involvement with their home just as equivalent to being in person. knowing they are being looked after is a unique and valuable ability for any builder. The result is a long list of iconic home projects and long-term friendships.