This coastal style home, situated 200m from the beach, was built with the intent to maximise the ocean views with a minimalist design. Due to the undulating and unusually shaped block, the design of the home had to be worked around these constraints, as well as the affect of the harsh environmental conditions from being so close to the ocean (i.e. sea salt, strong winds etc.). Because of this, natural and coastal materials that could withstand this environment were used.

Some of the unique features within this home include:

  • Floors and the pool are geothermally heated, keeping the floors and pool at 26° all year round.
  • The exterior uses zinc and copper cladding to create a bold exterior, while still keeping to the minimalist design of the house.
  • The thoughtful design and use of building materials resulted in an outstanding luxury coastal home offering a distinctly natural feel to the interior while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.
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