Custom Home Builders

Zorzi offers a selection of elevations and floor plans that can easily be customised to better suit the type of block you have and offer you bespoke homes. These designs have all the typical desired features; double garage, master bedroom with en-suite bathrooms, family rooms, kitchens, sculleries and alfrescos. To save time and money, these designs can be customised to suit your family and lifestyle whether that is an extra bedroom or maybe you prefer a home office or multipurpose room. Our custom home builders are well-versed in making dream homes become a reality with a custom-built house that suits your style and needs.

Uniquely Yours

No matter the size or shape of you require, you can rest assured that our many floor plans for luxury custom homes can be tailored to suit you, your family, and your individual needs. So, if there’s something you want added, removed, chopped, or changed, simply ask and our team will happily accommodate you.

Make it Real

We have been in the industry of custom home construction for over 60 years. And with that amount of experience, we’re able to provide homeowners in Australia with the bespoke homes that they’ve always longed for. If you would like to see the work that we have done, browse through our gallery below and take in the many different variations of custom-made homes we’ve built over the years. Contact our team of custom home builders today to find out how we can build you a luxury custom home that reflects who you are.